Good Things Take Time

Like all good things, it has taken quite some time to find what works best for us. Whether it be workload, selling channels, engagement… all the things take time to figure out the perfect recipe for success.

It is no secret Meraki has had it’s fair share of struggles and failures. With these struggles has come many lessons learned and given insight on how to better present and execute this brand.

To share Meraki’s best potential I have decided that we will become an exclusively ready to ship brand. What does this mean for Meraki exactly?

Becoming an exclusively ready to ship brand means that we will be going back to our beginning roots of very limited styles and sales. Releases will be planned and created in advance of any sale so that when pieces are sold they are ready to ship within the next business day of purchase. This lightens the load of myself as a very busy working mom without the stress of deadlines and enables the customer to have instant gratification with product in hand soon after purchase instead of waiting weeks through preorders.

Custom spot holders from 2022 are still being honored but new customs bookings will have extremely limited availability and will only be booked when I have the time available within my schedule to complete.

I hope with these new changes that Meraki can thrive once again. I appreciate your continued support and hope you’ll join me through this next stage of our beloved Meraki brand.

With all my love,